About CloudShare

CloudShare is creative, vibrant… and growing fast. 

CloudShare delivers the world’s most advanced environments for software development, testing and training in the cloud.  CloudShare gives enterprise customers the best of what cloud computing can offer. Together with our advanced automation, intuitive self-service and full visibility and control we enable our customers to quickly and easily use cloud computing to accelerate their businesses.

CloudShare is looking for talented TechOPS engineer to join our IT team, will work closely with our software developers and core teams to design, scale and maintain our production infrastructure. You will be responsible for the most critical infrastructure and development clusters at CloudShare, working with the latest in storage, hardware, virtualization and cloud technologies to ensure that our operations run smoothly.

CloudShare offers a fun, casual, creative and inspiring work environment with great terms and benefits.

If You...

  • Like working in agile methodologies (Kanban)
  • Love coding and solving problems hands-on
  • Believe in deep test-coverage and continuous-integration
  • Write code only when necessary
  • Love new technology; Are never afraid of embracing it where applicable; Believe in finding the right tool for the job
  • Have a rubber duck

Then CloudShare is looking for you!

Current openings